Kerala Kalari Packages

Kalarippayattu is composed of two of the 64art forms of ancient India namely Vijaya and Vyayma. These translated to English mean the art of winning wars and the art of exercises. Kalarippayattu is believed to be the forerunner of all forms of martial arts prevailing in the world today. It is also the Oldest and the most comprehensive system of martial training.  Kalari displays are breathtaking as the fast and accurate movements of defense and attack absorb your attention completely.  Catch some of the action here at Kalarickal Ayurveda with us and we promise, that with over 15 years of dedicated practice, Praveen Gurukkal (Teacher is known as kalari gurukkal)    would leave you wanting for more.

This package includes

  • Marma Chikitsa
    Marma shastra, the ancient Indian martial art form that manipulates vital points in the body, can be used both for self-defense and healing.
  • Kalaripayattu training
    -- An excellent system of physical training
    -- A very effective self defense techniques - both armed and unarmed.
    -- A great system of vital pressure points system of fighting and treatment based on the principles of Ayurveda.
  • Kalari Massage
    1. Combines with yoga, pranayama and meditation.
    2. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
    3. Allows life-energy to flow freely.
    4. Provides full relaxation and releases emotional stress.
    5. Balances the sapta dhatu (seven tissues of human body; plasma, blood, muscles, fat, bone, bone-marrow and semen).
    6. Stimulates nadi-sutra (Ayurvedic acu-pressure).
    7. Stimulates marma.
    8. Stimulates foot points (foot reflexology).
  • Chavittithirummu (Foot Massage)
    This is a special massage with foot.Kalari chikitsa or treatement in kalaripayatt includes specialized and indigenous medical preparations and methods to treat injuries. Kalari, yoga and ayurveda are woven Indian sciences that offer a way of life which heals, rejuvenates and brings you in sync with the nature’s balance. Kalarickal Ayurveda works at revival of this traditional form of healing.

treatment for back pain, spondalities

1. Back pain Ayurveda & kalari treatment

Duration - 7 days/15 days

starts from Rs 10500/- per person


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2. Kalari marma package

Duration - 15 days/ 21 days

starts from Rs 16500/- per person

kalari marma treatment

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kalaripayattu training

3. Kerala kalaripayattu training package

Duration - 4 months


We offer services in budget, standard and luxury categories