Kerala kalari training package

Kalari massage revitalizes the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways, stimulates and improves blood circulation in nerve endings and muscles and awakens the self-healing mechanism of the body which eventually leads to a healthy life.



Level - 1

Unarmed training that includes physical exercises that would give flexibilty to the body and some meditation techniques and yoga sessions

Level - 2

Different body exercises to do different kalari exercises and proper training for mind as well as muscles.

Exercises and yoga sessions form mental peace, mental power, physical strength and flexibility.

Level - 3

Oil massage for the body to get flexibility and starts training with weapons.

Weapons loke Kuruvadi, cheruvadi and neduvadi.

Level - 4

Start learning sharp weapons, dagger - kathi and kadara.

Level 5

Start learning sword, shile and urumi.


Mental stability, cal and quiet character maintainance and proefficiency in sword, Urumi and marma treatments

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