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This beautiful hill station presents the tourists with hills all around covered with greenery of tea gardens, beautiful meadows, deep puzzling valleys and dales, velvet lawns, waterfalls and is also a trekker’s paradise. Situated at an elevation of about 1100 meter above the sea level, Wagamon has the distinction as the most literate district of India. Wagamon comprises of stunningly beautiful series of gentle hills, valleys, waterfalls and green slopes and truly a scenic spot for tourists. The chain of three hills - Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala - makes Wagamon a place worth visiting.The place is also famous for its unique rock formations at Thangal Para.  The enchanting beauty, the mystic quietness and a perfect weather, make vagamon a holiday retreat that you would want to revistit.


Temperature:     Min. 0 c - Max. 24 c
Preferable Season for travel:
Places for sight seeing: (links to down )

  • Kurisumala Ashram
  • Tea estates
  • Spice plantations
  • Resurrection Garden
  • Lakes

Wagamon provides you unlimited holidaying fantasies all the year, except the monsoons when rains are very heavy here.


You can enjoy activities like boating and walking in and along the banks of numerous beautiful lakes around Wagamon. The area abounds in with numerous exotic and beautiful waterfalls hanging from the steep and sloppy hills.

There are many eco-friendly projects being developed in the region. One of the prime attractions of the tourist visiting Wagamon is its famous Kurisumala Ashram. You can enjoy here a cool and soft breeze, which blows across the valley leaving an imprint on your soul, a perfect place to meditate. If you are willing to experience peace of mind then Wagamon provides you the perfect conditions.
Kurisumala is also known for milk and honey it produces, the means by which the monks make their livelihood. Honey is found in the rocky clefts of this mountain, where bees make their hives. The place where the monks have been deeply involved in meditation is situated on highest part of the land, called "Resurrection Garden".


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