Wayanad means 'Land of Paddy Fields'. There are many indigeneous tribals in this area. It is set lofty on the majestic Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 Metres above mean sea level.


Temperature:     Min. 0 c - Max. 24 c
Preferable Season for travel:
Places for sight seeing: (links to down )

  • Chembra Peak
  • Edakkal Cave
  • Kuruva Island
  • Lakkidi
  • Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary
  • Pakshipathalam
  • Pazhassi Raja Tomb
  • Pookot Lake
  • Sentinel Rock Waterfalls
  • Kanthanpara Waterfalls
  • Soochippara Waterfalls
  • Banasura sagar Dam


Chembra Peak:
The hills, rocks and valleys which contribute to the very unique character of Wayanad provide a lot for adventure tourism. Trekking to the Chembra peak is a risky mountaineering endeavour, but the exhilarating view of Wayanad from the top makes the climb worthwhile. Trekking to the top of this peak takes almost a day and stays at the top can be provided in camps
Edakkal Cave: This location of breathtaking beauty is three kilometres from Ambalavayal which is 25 kilometres from Kalpetta. The Edakkal cave in the Ambukuthy mountain, is not a cave in the real sense. It is a fissure made by a corner of rock splitting off from the main body due to some natural causes. What makes it a cave to the ordinary observer is the fact that in the other portion of the large cleft, an enormous rock, weighing several tonnes, has fallen forming a roof over a large part of it. The rock wall contains some interesting carvings, which represent human and animal figures and objects of human use and symbols. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of pre-historic age and inspires the archaeologists and historians to rewrite the history of Wayanad and Kerala as a whole

Kuruva Island: The uninhabited island of Kuruva, is 950 acres of ever green forest on the tributaries of east flowing river Kabani and an ideal picnic spot,far from the disturbances of city life. Rare species of birds, orchids and herbs are the sovereigns of this supernal kingdom.

Lakkidi: Lying 700m above sea level, lakkidi is a gateway of Wayanad and one of the highest locations with a picturesque scenery. The lofty mountain peaks, the gurgling stream, luxuriant vegetation and the bird's eye view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking.

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary: One of the biggest abode of wild in the Malabar, covering an area of nearly 345 Km square and home to Elephant, spotted deer, bison, tiger, cheeta, wild bear and many more.
Pakshipathalam: Located in Brahmagiri hills, this place is for the adventure seekers with almost 17 Km of travel through wild forests Pakshipathalam in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli, is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist. The deep rock caves, formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri, are the abode of various birds and wild beasts. Special permission has to be obtained from Forest Department to go to Pakshipathalam.
Pazhassi Raja Tomb: The tomb of Pazhassi Raja, is a good picnic spot and also provide the option of boating for tourists. There is also a good aquarium here.
Pookot Lake: It is a natural fresh water lake, brimmed with ever green mountains. The weather here is salacious; the scenic beauty, hypnotising and the nature, unspoiled. Pookot lake tourist resort in Vythiri is the most sought after tourist spot of Wayanad. There is an aquarium and a green house here. Boating facilities are also available. Spices and handicraft items are also arranged for sale at Pookot

Soochippara Waterfalls: The waterfalls at Soochippara near Meppadi is really a treasure of nature, yet to be discovered. The stretches of waterfalls ranging at places from 100 to 300 feet height is a treat to the eyes. The pool below, provides for water rafting, swimming, bathing,etc. The tree top huts at Soochippara give an unique view of the valleys of the Western Ghats and the glimmering shallow waters of the surrounding springs.


Kanthanpara Waterfalls: The pleasant surroundings and low rush from tourists makes this place a good picnic spot.

Sentinel Rock Waterfalls: This waterfall is at Vellarimala village in Meppadi panchayat. It is a picnic spot as well as a trekking centre with a rock of more than 200m height, it is ideal for rock climbing.

Banasura sagar Dam: This is the largest earth dam in India. The topography here is such that many islands will be formed in the upstream of the dam when the dam is full. These islands with the background of the Banasura hill will provide a hypnotising sight to tourists.

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